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Clean out your kids' bookcases and donate the books they no longer need to Reading Counts! All we ask is that they are in good, readable condition (no crayon marks or chewed-on covers!). Please drop them by the Reading Counts portable, or arrange with Cari Wood (, RC Chair, for a pickup. All our Hawes Hawk students will appreciate the new reading material!

What is Reading Counts?

Reading Counts is a Scholastic Books computer based program which inspires students to read, engages their participation, measures independent reading and provides them with a positive experience. It is designed to strengthen the core reading curriculum and demonstrate accountability. It provides meaningful opportunities to develop essential reading skills in vocabulary, comprehension, and test taking.

With Reading Counts, students self-select appropriately challenging, interesting books from the Reading Counts Room and read them independently. They test their comprehension of each book on the computer with a unique quiz drawn from a bank of up to 30 questions. The program provides immediate feedback and celebrates student success with an age-appropriate, personalized congratulation screen for passing a quiz. Lastly, each student is asked to rate the book they have just read on the Read-O-Meter screen. If a student fails a quiz, he or she may revisit the book and retake the quiz with a different set of questions. This can be done a total of three times. Once a student has passed a quiz on a particular book, the student can no longer test on the book in the future. For example, if a student read “The Cat in the Hat” last year and successfully passed the quiz, said student can never again test on the book “The Cat in the Hat”. Therefore, it is particularly important for the student to track the books read in previous years, if they will be choosing from that particular grade level the following year (teachers inform students which grade level they should choose a book, but barring any specific instructions from the teacher, the Reading Counts personnel allow children to choose a book at their grade level or one level below or one level above). Teachers typically send out monthly progress reports for each student, which lists books read and quizzes passed, which in turn will aide in keeping track of the books read.

Reading Counts helps students be accountable for their reading achievement by providing them with the opportunity to help set quantifiable reading goals and to monitor their progress. Aligned to state and national standards, Reading Counts effectively supplements and integrates with core reading programs.  Quizzes are available for a complete range of fiction and nonfiction books and many support reading across the curriculum.

Reading Counts reports keep educators updated on how every student is performing throughout the year and gives them actionable data to differentiate instruction. Each time teachers log onto the software, they receive Auto Alerts when there is a change in a student’s expected reading progress. These Alerts provide immediate evidence to inform action for intervention, reward, or program modification.

Scholastic Reading Counts offers over 40,000 quizzes for testing. For a complete list, please use the search engine below. Your child may obtain his/her Reading Counts book from any source available, i.e.: Reading Counts Room or the school, public, or home library. As long as the title and same author is found in the database below, the book can be read and a quiz taken.

How Does Reading Counts Work at Hawes?

We have a Reading Counts library on campus where the children can come to check out books to take home and read. Each book has points associated with it. Once the child has completed reading the book, they are asked to take a computer based test to check comprehension. If they pass the test, they receive the points associated with the book. Every month, we hand out prizes to those children who meet the minimum monthly total points assigned to their grade level.   

  • 1st grade – 5 points required per month
  • 2nd grade – 10 points required per month
  • 3rd grade – 15 points required per month
  • 4th grade – 20 points required per month
  • 5th grade -  20 points required per month
For the children with the top three point totals, special prizes such as teacher for the day, skip a spelling test, buddy pass, and homework pass, are available. The children take their Reading Counts tests in the classroom. The only activity that occurs in the Reading Counts room is the checking out and checking in of books.

Books and monetary donations are always welcome!

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